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Pleaze help me i am also human being

i am 22 years old male .
i am student of MBA
kindly help me all friends pleaze.

I have been suffering from constipation and abdominal pain in my right side
when i take stool softner or every kind of laxative i get diarrhea
While i take any kind of tablet for dirrahe than again i suffer from diarrhea
i can not pass stool normal
i want to live my life wihout ibs or any kind symptoms like

i can say that i passed stool from my abdominal 4 years ago

doctor said to me you have ibs c+d

barium enema
contrast ct scan
all kind of pathology reports and biopsy which was take from colon and
endoscopy are

but this is ibs so what should i do know?
I just can say that living life with IBS C D
IS verry hard for me

because every thing and every kind of medicane doesnt help me
for decrease my symptoms , my symptoms are given below

i am willing for ileostomy
because i sure my colon doesnt work
can a surgeon perform ileostomy operation for my problem ?
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Specific carbohydrate diet, more insoluble fiber from sources like wheat.

or try this
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Welcome to the forum, sorry you're having problems.

If you think you may have something other than IBS then you should go back to your doctor and ask for more testing to be done. If you are satisfied that it is IBS then you need to look into medications, diet and stress reduction.

Surgery is a serious option and for us with IBD it is a last resort, it isnt a quick fix, and I personally don't know any responsible surgeon that would perform an ileostomy on someone with IBS.

IBS is managable, you need to have a good doctor that you can trust, and you need to work with them to create a treatment plan that you are both happy with. You might want to consider asking to see a dietitian or having some anti-spasmodic medication such as buscopan.
Check out this page -

coeliac disease/Osteopenia /Crohns/Arthritis/
laperoscopic hemicolectomy 25/06/ 2013

Meds- Vedolizumab, pentasa, Lansoprazole, Vitamin D, prochlorperazine, Oramorph, MST, B12 shots My journey with crohns:

Allergic to - inflectra, aza

Non CD meds - Gabapentin, paracetamol, ventolin
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well thanks for reaply

all kind of medicane i have take and this doesnt help me
if doctor donot perform surgery for ibs
so i have only one choice for me the rest of life Suicide
no body can belive how much i have abdominal pain .
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Im sorry this is getting you down so much. We do understand what its like, we've all been there, some of us have been in this position for years and it can feel like there is no way out. There is though, things can and will get better. You just need to sit with a doctor and go through all of your options. Sometimes a single medication won't work, sometimes you need a combination of different medications or sometimes it takes a mix of medication, diet and stress relief before management is achieved, some people even find that they need some anti-depressants. Don't give up, there is help out there.
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If you would like to inbox me or have my email address you are more than welcome to and I will do whatever I can to help you.
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my daughter had the exact problem last year, the doctors kept giving her laxative, mirolax, stool softners without any relief. she ended up in the hospital she was in so much pain. i read on this forum that someone had used proctofoam, i asked her doctor to try it while she was in the hospital. she was in so much pain as you describe. its a steriod enema from what i understand. let me tell you within 15 mins of using this foam she went to the bathroom and immediately her pain was gone. they sent her home the next day with a prescription for the foam but she hasnt needed it since. Please try that, im so sorry to hear you have to go thru all this especially at your young age. Hope it works, lets us know how you are.
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I agree proctoform is brilliant too also larger doses of movicol over two weeks to get it moving then reduce to half a packet a day xx also glycerin suppositories didn't give me dia just helped me to go xx

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I have this same problem, last week I thought my right side was going to bust, I was in so much pain and had so much pain in my rectum! I went to see my GI and he did labs which were fine sight elevations here and there but nothing of significance to explain my discomfort.

He ordered an X-ray of my abdomen and I was found to be full of stool, impacted! He advised to go home do a fleet enema and a bottle of mag citrate.

I went home started the prep, had not much results so I was advised to do another fleet enema. I ended up giving myself 8 fleet enemas finally some results!

I then had my follow up visit today he did a follow up X-ray and I have not had any change:-(

He does not know why, since I am almost in remission but with this side pain and rectal pain I am miserable, so I understand where you are coming from with your. Feelings, I now have to do a full colonoscopy prep and pray it works!

I also take 4 stool softners per night and 2 1/2 capfulls of mirilax daily.

Please hang in there we will get through this and your life will get better, don't give up!

I won't let myself give you are not aloud too<3

I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts and please know we all care and are Hereford you!!!


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