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Soft/ Bland diet

The SOFT/BLAND diet SUCKs!!!!

I am on if indefinitely...and mashed potatoes, pasta, and apple sauce are REALLY getting old~
I did the slim fast/ensure stuff etc.
Anybody got any recipes? Any foods that you eat that doesn't hurt you?

Southern People LOVE to eat... and I need some substance people!
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Maybe you can try baked chicken breasts, and white fish filets, with some white rice. Also some rice and very ripe bananas if you can tolerate them. If you can drink juices I usually tolerate pineapple and grape (no sugar added). Also plain yogurt if you are not Lactose intolerant

Try to check low residue/low fiber on the net also
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I eat a lot of pasta (whether I'm on a bland diet or not). You could put some tomato based sauce through a liquidiser, add some Basil, Oregano, possibly garlic to taste. I often add some sun-dried tomato puree. And put some cheese sauce over the top of it if you fancy and if you can take it!
Steve J
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Here are some of my ideas... This is what I usually eat on a soft/bland diet when I am flaring...

-Oatmeal (Dress it up with brown sugar, cinnamon, maple syrup, canned fruit such as peaches or pears, or a nice ripe banana)
-Mashed potatoes (No skins! Dress up with butter or different cheeses - cream cheese, cheddar, ricotta... mash other veggies into them... such as well-steamed carrots or cauliflower)
-Rice (Sprinkle lightly with soy sauce and lemon. Try different varieties. I really like basmati, and risotto - two totally different textures... risotto is not plain, though, you usually cook it with a sauce which you can tailor so it's easy to digest)
-Salmon (salmon is my preference but a nice white fish is good, too... Try pollock, tilapia, cod... sprinkle with lemon, dill and paprika... fresh parsley... Mrs. Dash... Bake! Don't fry.) Leftovers make yummy salmon-salad sandwiches!!
-Eggs (poached, hard-boiled... again, leftovers make yummy egg salad sandwiches!)
-Boneless/Skinless chicken breast (baked... brush with olive oil, & paprika for a basic, bland base... try adding anything else you can handle... garlic, oregano, thyme, sage, parsley, parmesan) Chicken salad sandwiches, anyone?!
-Cottage cheese/yogurt (if you can handle dairy - go for it. Try probiotic yogurts)
-Smoothies!! (I will post a thread on this soon - so versatile and ideal for our situation, and can be adjusted so they're not too thick)
-Teas (herbal and non-caffeinated are best... a favorite tummy soother is ginger tea - slice off a couple of pcs of fresh gingerroot, and add to a mug of hot water... add a lemon wedge and honey to taste... so warm and calming! You can also make homemade iced tea from herbal tea bags which has much less sugar than storebought versions...)
-Ripe fruits (if you can handle them... try to remove peel wherever possible... Peaches, pears, bananas, plums, and persimmons are my most tolerated fresh fruits. Ripe avocadoes are great too!)
-Arrowroot cookies
-SOUP! (Homemade is far better than canned, of course, but given our lack of energy sometimes it's just not possible. Stick to brothy ones at first, and the more you can tolerate, the more possibilities and nutrition you can get - hmmm... maybe another thread in the works here!!)
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There are recipes on this site that may help find some substance for you
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Pen, do you have a link to those studies? (not meant in a condescending tone, I'm curious about the concept of it, because I thought I saw something about it a while ago, but what I read wasn't a study, just a summary with some inconclusive theories on it)

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benson- ive been on cipro and on the bottle it says not to have grapefruit with the drug. i think it interferes with absorbtion of some drugs. search up cipro if you want and you might get some answers there
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Yeah heard about the Cipro connection before (on Cipro and Flagyl right now as a matter of fact), but was curious if that was conclusively linked to a general effect on all meds. We'd all be pretty screwed as a society if it negated all medications, Crohns or not, so it got me thinking...
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My Entocort said not to take it and drink grapefruit juice. Thought it was something in the juice that reacts with the medication to intensify it in some way???? Not really sure.
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Plain spaghetti was my "fancy" food when flaring. Otherwise I lived on bean and cheese burritos. I hated eating bananas, plain toast, plain rice. GROSS!
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I like to mix rice with some cream of chicken soup - a real comfort food and easy on my gut!

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I can kind of understand (albeit hate) spam when one is selling something, but what is the [I]point[I] of the post above?
Of course it may have been accidental in which case, nothing to see here
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