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Experience with Humira

I recently began Humira after a rough summer of an abscess, a resection, a leak, another surgery, and then right back to having Crohn's without ever getting remission. I resisted going on Remicade/biologics for about 8 years, and finally I decided that it had become a question of the quality rather than quantity of my life and it was time to bite the bullet. I see a lot of fear about beginning these medications on these boards and I was there myself for a long time. I wanted to post my experience with Humira.

It hasn't made me sick. It has made me feel better. After my loading doses (4 pens) I went to my friend's place, had an ocular migraine, but was able to talk and stay up until about 10:30. I woke up the next morning feeling fine. No real side affects for the second loading dose (2 pens), besides some minor fatigue. Both times MMJ has helped my symptoms. The pens sting but it doesn't linger, and as long as you hold the thing down you won't mess up and waste a pen. I had to bring about 8 pens on a transatlantic flight with me, which was annoying because they need to stay a certain temperature, but with good ice packs, a thermos lunchbox, and some thermometers it was pulled off without a hitch.

Now I am onto one pen. My Crohn's symtoms, the big one being abdominal pain and the sort of general malaise that results, have greatly improved. I can eat now, quite a bit actually. I haven't developed anything weird in the way of side affects and I feel good, besides lingering muscle damage from surgeries (grr). Anyway, I know that there are bad reactions to this medicine and that this is worrisome for someone making the decision to go on it or not. I will say that it has been remarked that, besides my Crohn's, I'm 'very healthy,' (lol). Just wanted to throw a so-far-totally-preferable experience out there for Humira.
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your story just made me feel so much better. I'm starting Humira tomorrow and have been anxious and sick to my stomache all day. Thank you
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Thank you so much for writing your positive experience with Humira. I have an abscess and will have an ileocecal resection soon. I had a small stroke recently, due to some blood thickening but am on some medication for that for now. My Humira prescription will begin after surgery. Still very nervous, though. Thanks again.
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Good Luck to you "newbies"

I've been on the H for 3 years with very positive results. Just remember to give it some time to get the full benefit of the H.
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