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Pred tapering - swollen tummy after eating

I am currently tapering my prednisone (30mg now from 40mg originally) for the second time. The first time I tapered, I got down to 20mg before ending up in the hospital with dehydration and my crohn's flaring again. Back on the pred this time, my crohns symptoms have gone down, and I'm eating all the time and gaining weight again (which for me is good!). I'm noticing now that when i eat, my abdomen looks really swollen, kind of like i imagine it looking if i was pregnant. It eventually goes down, but it feels very firm and lasts for hours, no matter how much i eat. I'm in no pain, so i'm not concerned about a blockage at this point. Anyone else have this symptom? Is it medication related? Will it go away? I'm also taking 6MP 50mg daily, Protonix, and ive had 2 remicade infusions so far. Thanks!
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Hi I use to get like that to I cut out Gluten because I'm allergic I still get bloated but not as often or bad I was told that the bloating is part of the disease. Hope that helps!!
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Randitine 150 mg twice a day!!!!
Effexor 37.5mg 2 tabs everyday
Cymbalta 60mg everyday
HZTC 25mg/12.5mg-high blood pressure
Glipizide 5mg before breakfast and dinner
Vitamin D
Gabapetin-300mg three times a day!!!
Fish oil

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I am in the process of tapering, too. I apparently became prednisone dependent in the last year...I am so tired of being dark and moody and bitchy (I go off on people in parking lots and grocery stores. I was NEVER that sort of person before). I am down to 15mg this week and should be totally off by end of month.

edit - Oh, I meant to add that I have been bloated the entire time I have been on prednisone. I even had someone ask if I was pregnant a few months back, so I hear you. Nothing has helped it for me, unfortunately.

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