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Humira/Cimzia (Failed) To Remicade?

Has anyone failed Humira or cimzia and went to Remicade which worked?
I have taken humira and Cimzia for 4+ months at a time and never changed my symptoms or stools.

Has anyone ever had this where it turns out remicade was the answer?
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My Butt Hurts
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I seem to do really well on every drug I take, and then it fails after a while.
I had a great remission on Humira but it only lasted 4 1/2 months.
I am now doing VERY well on Remicade, but I am also on Imuran (which I started the same time) and on pentasa, and just stopped prednisone as I started Remi.
So - no idea if it is the Remi or Imuran or what that is working.
Remi and Humira are similar, but not the same. I say it's worth a shot for sure. Good luck to you!
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Hi Kasper

I was on HUMIRA for about 3 months before it stopped working. I have now been on Remicade since November last year. Initially it worked great and I felt the best that I have for years. Unfortunately about a month ago I had a flair six weeks into an eight week dose. My GI doc changed me from Imuran to Methotrexate and upped my pred. I hopes this works. Otherwise the other option is to decrease the gap between Remicade doses to six weeks.

Hopes this helps a bit and good luck.
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Well kasper mine is kinda the other way around but i was on remicade and it worked well for awhile then started to not work so my GI made me start Humira in sept 08 and since then it hasnt helped at all so if anything I would chose Remicade over Humira anytime
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hi Kasper, welcome i haven't been on either of the meds, so i don't have anything to offer in the way of experience which would help.... but i just wanted to drop in and welcome you to the forum!

and also a big welcome to Rafham and Icepik we've had so many newbies in the last few weeks i know i've missed saying hi to some of you lol.

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