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What is it? undiagnosed.

Hello all,

The last 2 months I've been having some serious issues. It started off with loose stools, regularly. It then progressed to really yellow stools (this comes and goes). I then started to notice every time I woke up I was desperate to go to the toilet. After a month I did notice blood (only twice), this is when I decided to go to the doctors. Had a stool sample, and it all came back fine. I then had to wait 2 weeks for a blood test. In this time, I started to get a cough that just won't go away. I've been sick (twice) and the pain/discomfort on the side of my stomach seems to be getting worse.

Anyway I got the blood test back (which tested for celiac disease, plus the usual) and everything is fine! I'm now waiting for the gastroenterology departments of the local hospital to call for an appointment (however they said that an appointment might take 13 weeks!!! ) Seems a little long.

At the moment the only other symptom I have except the nausea, is I feel a little dizzy sometimes. The stools are still loose (yellowish) and very regular.

Any idea what it can be? do people have the same symptoms? Anything maybe I should do to make me feel a little better? I've tried stop eating (which isn't normally a problem, I've fasted many a times for 36hrs) but at the moment it is damn impossible as I feel spaced out if I do. Anything I can eat or take? I'm drinking around 3 litres of water a day.

Many thanks,
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hi. im so sorry your going through this rough time. i hope you feel better soon. i do get yellow d sometimes not sure though. i celiac is a allergy to gluten, which can get better with eliminating gluten from your diet. maybe try a liquid or soft diet. when im flaring i do miso soup ,pureed soups, broths,juicing raw fruits and veggies pop sickles. stuff like that. at any rate finding what works for you is essential as we are all different. i wish you well and hope you find your way.
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If you're using the NHS, expect long waiting times. Several weeks or a few months to see a consultant (gastroenterologist), several weeks more for any tests they recommend, then wait again for the follow up appointment to discuss the results. I know it's frustrating, but that's how it is. With your symptoms, if you're over middle age or have a family history of bowel cancer, they might rush you through appointments just in case, but if you're fairly young and have no signs that it's something potentially serious, take it as a good sign that you're having to wait - it means the doctors aren't worried. Though if you experience new symptoms or your symptoms rapidly worsen, see your GP to update them on what's going on.

There are many many things that could cause your symptoms. The only way you'll find out is by going through some tests - maybe barium studies or endoscopy, but a gastroenterologist will have to decide which ones you need.

You can try controlling diarrhoea/loose stools with Immodium (loperamide - ask your GP), which is a very safe drug and quite effective. Keep eating regularly - stopping eating isn't a good idea if you've a chronic problem. If you pick up a stomach bug, not eating for a short time can help, but not for on-going symptoms. Try cutting back on fibre, and maybe keep to a bland diet for a while, it might help.
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Hi D-man.. I agree with unxmas. Although the waiting times on the NHS suck - if you have a long wait, you're symptoms arent too concerning.

Because you are feeling dizzy.. it would be a good thing to get your vitamin levels and iron levels checked. I dont have an iron deficiency (anaemia).. but I do have a B12 deficiency.. which causes similar anaemia symptoms. And I found having the b12 injections helped my dizziness.

Please keep us updated.. and if you get any worse, or new symptoms arise.. contact your GP again.
On another note.. as soon as the gastroenterologist gets your referral - you can call his secretary/gastro dept and ask to be put on the cancellations list etc. Good luck!
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Thank you for the replies.

I booked an appointment with the hospital on Thursday and am waiting back on the Gastroenterlogist department to call me and say what I need and when (said it can take 13 weeks).

I take multi-vitamins and omega 3 everyday, so hopefully I'll be getting some sort of vitamins in me!

Many thanks,

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