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Prednisolone 10mg daily

i has been suffering from diarrhea
now doctor find out inflammation in my small intestine after ct scan

and doctor prescribed me tablet ( prednisolone 10 mg daily
and it has reduce my diarrhea complication

but i want to ask you plz tell me prednisolone can cause brain damage ???
after taking prednisolone i feel brain prain and anixity
prednisolone can cause serious problem ??
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Prednisone can cause emotional and psychiatric symptoms. It is not uncommon to have headaches especially when weaning or reducing the dose.

These symptoms usually go away completely after you stop taking the prednisone.

I suggest you call your doctor and tell them about your symptoms. Make sure they understand that they are really bad.

Ask if you can take Entocort instead. It is a different form of prednisone that should give you much fewer side effects and work as well.
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