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Body aches after withdrawing Predisone

Hello - I am 48 and was diagnosed with Crohn's in June 2013. I have just completed withdrawing from Prednisone after being on it for 3 months. I have been on Humira for 2 months. Shortly after stopping the Prednisone I started having body aches that sometimes make any movement really painful. Body aches and joint pain are side effects for both Predisone and Humira. I just wanted to see if anyone has advise or experience with this I would appreciate the input.

I am going forward with dealing with my recent diagnosis by trying to reduce the stress in my life, eliminate dairy from my diet and take the Humira. Anyone else in the forum diagnosed in their 40's find a good way to manage their Crohn's? Any alternative medicine options work well?

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I'm on Humira and Prednisone and still have the aches I started to taper predsione get to 10 mg and have to go back up to 20mg I had the aches before starting both I also have a gluten allergic most people do cut Gluten out of there diet not everyone.

Been on humira for 3 months currently on them weekly injections. Not in remission yet!!!

Good luck!!!
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Prednisone will cause all kinds of body aches during and after withdrawal. Mine were very painful at times.

If the body aches are from Humira I would expect them to coincide with the Humira injections. My son had a flu-like reaction including body aches after each injection.

Could also be the CD causing extra-intestinal manifestations of joint pain if it's primarily in the joints.
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Prednisone withdrawal is hell. I wouldn't attribute the aches to Humira at this time.

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