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Fat Face Not Reversing post pred?!!?

I'm over calling it moon face. My face is just enormous! I am a skinny little thing with a ginormous face from 5 months of pred.

What has me very concerned, though, is that I took my last pill on July 23rd and my face has not budged. Is it possible my face will be like this forever? It is still really huge

I have read so many threads of ppl seeing a reversal after a short time and even some just reducing the dose. Has anyone else's face taken a while to deflate? If so, how many months?

Thank you!!
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I can't recall how many months exactly. Looking in the mirror though it never seemed like it was going down. The last time I took a high dose for a long period of time (Prednisone is meant for short term, 5 months is a bit too long) I was still in high school. I'd often lean on my desk with my face resting in my hand. After a while I began to notice that my cheek wasn't taking up the entire space of the palm of my hand and that's how I monitored the shrinkage. I'm sure there's a better way to keep track of it such as measuring around your head to see if its going down (which I'm sure it is going down, just slowly). You could also take a photo in the same position once a week and compare the photos to watch for any change.

What dose did you start at? My highest dose was 60mg and I took it for about 6 months or so making the taper last about as long. I was left with stretchmarks from all the water retention and it did take a while for my face to go down (my guess is a few months thinking back to class pictures being taken at the beginning of the year and then photos taken near the end of the school year). Its not permanent though just completely horrible for your self esteem (was for me anyway).

We truly feel your pain. It will get better. *HUGS*
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Promise it gets better!! Mine took time too just have patience i know i know its hard x
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I'm sorry, I know how depressing the fat face can be especially when it's so out of proportion to your body. I promise you though that it will go away over time. Everyone responds differently and I bet yours has gone down a bit but you haven't noticed. I never heard of anyone off pred having permanent fat face. Hang in there and just allow healing and hopefully soon you will be back to yourself.
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Thank you so much for the encouragement. It is starting to show a bit of improvement and the dr said it could take a full 6 months so I guess I need to chill. Really appreciate the feedback and support.
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I felt like it was not going away until I looked back at pictures and saw how huge it was before! I felt like my face was always a little rounder afterwards but maybe thats just because I had put weight on.

It is horrible But try not to let it get you down too much x
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