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Finally good news :-)

So I put my husband on a hi protien, carb, calorie diet a week ago. With these "milkshakes" I mmade up with lactose free chocolate ice cream, chocolate Ensure, honey & chcolate protien powder. Its about 1,200 calories and he drinks it every night before bed. Well he went to the doctor today and when we started the diet on the 7th, he weighed 117 lbs (at 5 ft 11 in, that really underweight) and he weighed 124! Seven pounds!! And also, his CD flare seems to be getting better. He dont have D and only has pain when going to the bathroom. His energy is still kind of low but thats normal when hes recovering from these flar ups.
Anyway, wanted to share cause yall understand. I feel like my hardwork & his hard work is paying off. :-)
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That's wonderful news thunderbear1! Keep up the good work! I'm glad he has you by his side. *HUGS*
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Great news! I hope he continues to feel better and gain more!

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I hope it continues. Wishing him health and well being.

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