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Dosage of pred

Hi everyone, seen my gastro doctor last month and she sent a letter to my doctor for me to start if needed. One week 5 mg 8 x aday, then next week 7 aday.until weaned off. Is it better to take a 40 mg instead of the 5. Which is better.
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I'm not sure I understand your question. But prednisone is a dangerous med if you don't follow your doctors orders. Prednisone interferes with your body's ability to produce its own hormones, by taking it spread out through the day may be to lessen the impact it has on your body but I'm not sure. You can always consult your primary doctor or nurse to be sure
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She said take 8 of 5mg for one week then wean down each week. The schedule will be hard, every 3hrs, I would prefer to just take a full 40 at once. I was supposed to see her this Friday but they canceled until Nov. I was going to ask her about this now I see family doctor today so I,ll have to ask him. But I would like to know which is better dose schedule. Thanks for reply. Please any input would be appreciated, I am leaving in one hr.
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My son was on prednisone when he was first dx'ed. He started at 40mg a day using 5mg pills. In the beginning, he took 20mg in the morning with breakfast and then 20mg in the afternoon with snack. It affected his ability to sleep so much that we eventually moved up to 20mg in the morning and 20mg around lunch.

I would just ask the GP when you go if you can change your dosing schedule. He would be well suited to giving you advice on the matter.
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My doc had me take all 40mg in the morning, so it wouldn't affect my sleep. He didn't want me taking it after 10 a.m. I've never had to stagger it, but I am NOT encouraging you to go against your doctor's orders. If your family doctor can't advise you, ask your pharmacist...they'll likely know.

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