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For those who have taken Humira & Cimzia...

Hi All,

I recently began Humira. I was on it for only about 5 weeks when concern arose that may be having an allergic reaction. My doctor has instructed me to no longer take the Humira and is now considering putting me on Cimzia.

Have any of you taken both drugs?

Does Cimzia hurt less than Humira, in terms of the medicinal stinging?
Does it come in an easy-to-use pen like Humira?

What about side effects? It's so hard for me to read the side-effects on the actual medicine pages because they really scare me.

I'm tempted to deny the Cimzia and remain on 6mp for awhile to see if it will maintain the good work the Humira did in such a short time.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice?

Thanks in advance!
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I have been on Humira and the sting hurts but I ice it after for about 1/2 hour and take an allergy pill so the reaction is not as bad... I also gain 2 to 3 lbs with each injection lucky me.
How about you?
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I have tried humira and was on it for around a year before I started having alergic reactions to the injections it worked well up until that point. I have recently started cimzia and have probably been on it for 2 months now and I am doing well it has improved things a lot. I am still not perfect but I am happy with being better than I was before starting. I have got a rash on my face which I think is from the cimzia and my GI thinks so too, I am being refered to a dermatologist to get it checked out but I can deal with a rash on my face if I have some sort of normality.
The injection I find hurts less but it is just a syringe so I can control the speed rather than the humira pen, I prefer using the syringe I never though I would as you can see the needle but I find it lots easier. I don't think they do cimzia in a pen unfortunatley so there isn't a choice.
If you have any other questions I will try and answer them but I am still newish to cimzia.
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I also had an allergic reaction to Humira and switched to Cimzia. Now I'm going on to Remicade.

I prefer Cimzia because the pre-filled syringe is less painful than the own sting and I can inject at my own pace. Cimzia doesn't make those pens.
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I had to come off humira because of joint issues. The Cimzia is much less painful. I have a down, kind of sick day the day after injection sometimes but that is it for side effects.

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Goodbye Humira
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My son started Humira when he was 10. He was doing it every 10 days for the past year. He just started Cimzia. He said it is nothing like Humira in regards to the sting. The only obstacle we're having is the 2 shots. He's only 13 now, so still young. I don't think it will come in a pen due to the volume of liquid being injected. Its 20ml per syringe. I don't think you'd want that amount going in really fast. I also think he's old enough now to worry that mom and dad are nervous to give the shot. That gets him worried and anxiety sets in. I'm going to get a needle and practice sticking myself! Last night I pondered for at least 15 min...I just couldn't stick him. I've never done that to anyone and didn't want to practice on my child! My husband ended up doing both. He was stressed and shows it by being grouchy. We got it in...but it wasn't pretty. Felt bad for my son. He's so brave
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I had issues with Humira as my throat swelled so that I couldn't swallow for five days. Our hospital does not give Cimzia for Crohns.

good luck with the change though.

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