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How do you know?

Ok so yesterday after noon I took some milk of mag cause I had not gone in roughly 6 days. Around about 11pm it started to work and I was able to have a BM which start rock hard and then turned soft....ok nothing to werid about that. Woke up at 3am and had to go...pure D this time (still not strange) but I ended up having blood in the paper and dripping some blood into the toilet. I tried wiping again once I was 'clean'; and nothing came off as far as blood.....so how do I know/or at very least get an idea where the blood is coming from? Its happened all day with the D....but this is the First time Ive had the blood. (Ive had the mucus and even food since June. ) I decided not to call the GI right now (I already have an appt on the 8th anyways) I want to see if this is going to happen again or not. I guess Im just REALLY confused. about it thought the blood was bright red to med red and I thought that usually meant it was rectum/colon area.....or even hemrriods.....shouldnt the GI have found that when he did the scopes just a few weeks ago?
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I find that after going to the gi and getting the scope it actually irritates my rectum and makes me bleed?
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yeah, I could see that causing it...but would it cause it over a 2 months later? My scopes where July 30..... Ive had a couple times what I "thought" was specks of blood....but sometimes there was just not enough "form" to the BM to know for sure......but this....I KNEW 100% that it was blood. Im not supper considered right now, cause its not like it was a toilet full it was a little in the pot (dont know how much was in the poop its self as it was all watery D) and then when I was wipping. But it was like I would wipe and get some and then wipe and be clean....I dont know? Dont really know how hemorriods tend to bleed?

haha and sorry for the TMI
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I have had the same thing.. where I had a colonoscopy and all came back clear. But only a couple of months later I passed a lot of blood (ended up in hospital) .. they did a sigmoidoscopy and cauterised the site from which I was bleeding. They said it was a ruptured AVM (aterovenous malformation) which I am supposed to have had from birth!?!? But this had never been seen in my 2 previous scopes...

Our guts are just crazy.. and I honestly feel some doctors just make something up if they dont know what it is haha!! X
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Seronegative Inflammatory Arthritis / SAPHO syndrome

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