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anyone have any experience with taking nortriptyline hcl? My GI had given it to me try taking at nite since I usually wake up due to pain/and or insomina....but Im having what I think are weird side effects from it (NASTY taste in mouth, kinda feel like the tip of my tonuge is 'burned/numb', it almost seems at times like Ill go try and pee and only go a bit....like working on a UTI but I know im not.....Im on Predinose too, but I literally just started that (been on the other stuff almost 2weeks I think) only on the Pred for 5 days to see if it helps with my pain level and to give me some energy (it was my GP that gave me this as the GI wasnt doing much of anything) any tips/hints would be wonderful! As of right now Im really thinking about axing it...cant stand this nasty taste and numbish feeling tongue!
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Hi, I don't have experience with this drug, but I looked it up and it seems very similar to Amitriptyline. There's a thread on Amitriptyline here: http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthrea...964#post707964 You could try asking people about the taste problem there.

I don't know about the taste, but I had bladder problems worsened on Amitriptyline, but now I've been on it several months, the bladder problems and some of the other minor side effects I had to start with are gone - which is what happens quite often with the side effects of some drugs. Interestingly it's not getting any less effective at helping me sleep and helping my mood though - which is why I like it so much!

Prednisone can often work very fast, and some of its side effects come on almost instantly (though some others take a very long time to manifest). It can be very complicated when you're on lots of meds working out what is causing which side effect! I've never heard of pred causing taste problems - I think that you're right it's more likely the nortriptyline. Sorry I can't help with that one.

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