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Ok sorry for the TMI can crohns or IBS make you miss a period? Im pretty sure Ive competely skipped one this month....have not been so good at keep track here lately cuz of the other issues. No I am no preggo and there is NO POSSIBLE chance as I am not sexual active. Thanks, I do go to my GI today so going to mention it.
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Are you on any medications right now? Have you lost (or gained) a lot of weight lately? Are you under a lot of stress (more than usual)? Things like that can all make you skip a period. I know just how you feel, I'm having menstrual weirdness myself right now due to a steroid injection. It's disconcerting, but it happens. Various things can throw the body off including stress. If you know you're not pregnant then it could be any number of things. Have you had bloodwork done lately? You might want to have it done to check your vitamin levels to make sure nothing's seriously out of whack in that regard.

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