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Ughhh...more inflammation

Just got back my results from my MRE, it shows active disease (at least is it just one 5 cm section). =( I am so bummed because when I was in the hospital in August my blood work showed no inflammation. Going to get another blood draw to re-check. Back to GI on Monday to discuss medications. I am worried about side effects from meds, I thought since I feel fine and everything is "normal" then the meds were working. I guess the silver lining is the MRE did not show any narrowing currently so we don't need to go down the surgery path just yet.
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Hello and a warm welcome to the forum.

That is good news that no narrowing was seen, it's always a relief I think when surgery is taken out of consideration . I wouldn't worry too much about the blood test showing a disparity to the mre from what I understand its quite common for that to happen, I know I've had blood come back clear but I know I can feel something is going on.

I can appreciate how concerned you would feel about side effects of meds, it is hard to try and make decisions about what's best buy hopefully you will be able to work out a plan of action with your GI and that he/she can alleviate your concerns. Good luck and welcome again.
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sorry to hear you have inflammation again.
My heart goes out to you. Hopefully they will get you back on track quickly and back into remission.
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