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Entocort help!!!

I can't get full I'm so hungry all the time is this normal while taking entocort? I don't mind it at all I'm glad I finally have a appitite just wonderif it's a side affect.
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I don't remember having a massive appetite on entocort but it was insatiable on prednisolone, the food didn't even touch the sides as it went down lol.
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I was starving on prednisone but have been on Entocort numerous times without any hunger side effect.
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I am currently on Entocort. My nutritionist (who has gotten her Crohns in remission) has me on this multivitamin called Garden of Life Perfect Weight. They seem to help by giving me a content feeling. I don't over or under eat with them.
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I have been Entocort for several years without any increased appetite. Now I'm taking prednisone as well due to a flare and this time it's not increasing my appetite either.
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Thanks guys I finally got it straightened out I'm eating small meals every 2 hrs and that's taming the beast!!! And a update on my entocort guts doing fine but the butts all out of whack!!! Lol
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I have had a pretty big appetite on entocort but I think it was really bc it calmed my flare and I had been losing weight fast, had no appetite, and was beginning to become malnourished. Although, if prednisone makes people hungry, then it would make sense that entocort could have the same side effect in some people since its pretty much a modified version of the same thing. Entocort may have done something to my appetite but it definitely gives me headaches and acne....

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