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Started Humira waiting for good things

I was diagnosed with Crohns August 1, 2013. I just started Humira Oct 2 and was wondering how long people typically waited to start seeing results. I know everyone is different, but am hoping for quick results. I'm on Prednisone, 30 mg - started on 40 for a week, went to 30 and was seeing good results with decreased bm's and almost feeling "normal". Tried to taper 20/30/20/30 and the gut issues returned. Dr. recommended staying on 30 for awhile while starting the Humira. I'm also on Azathioprine 100 mg daily. Also wondering about blood clotting issues. I ended up in the hospital with a blood clot running from my groin to the back of my calf over the weekend, had a CT scan Tuesday and they found another small clot in my lung. Taking Xarelto 2 x daily for that now as well. I have Factor V Lieden and apparently Crohn's also makes people more susceptible to blood clots - wishing I had been more informed of that information and the clots may have been avoided...very frustrating! I even mentioned having weird groin pain to my GP during a physical last week and was told - "yeah lots of aches and pains with crohns".. Good thing when the pain became so bad I was having trouble walking I went to the ER.
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I asked the myHumira nurses how long it takes before people see remission-like relief from Humira. She advised that while every person is different, it's usually between 2 weeks and 3 months.

I started my Humira on Oct 2, too. I was definitely hopeful for a remission in a week or so, but it sounds like I need to be patient.

Good luck to you.
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Thanks for your info...will be curious to see how we both turn out. It gets so frustrating..the prednisone worked for a time and now I seem to be back to the same old symptoms, not quite as bad, but still very frustrating. Hope for good results for both of us!
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I started Humira September 3rd and a week after my starter dose I was feeling so much better. Fast forward to now and I feel like I'm in remission. Like you said everyone is different so hopefully you'll start feeling better. Good luck and keep us updated!
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Started already 2 months ago and nothing better yet. My GI did a blood test to be sent in the states so they can see if your body creates antibody vs the humira.

I have crohn disease since about 8 years and tried everything. Remicade stopped working in february and doctors couldnt do anything. Its like water coming in with no effects.

If it doesnt work... i heard there's a possibility to return on research and maybe get the 3 antibiotics for a year(50% chance of a cure if you have that genes), or stelara, or v12.
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I started 2 weeks ago and things were better for the first week and back to bad for week 2. So, still waiting for results!
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You must be a little patient. Dosages might have to be adjusted down the road.
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My husband has been on Humira since February 2012. He did not think that it was working because he still had symptoms of D everyday and just a general sense of not feeling that great certain days. He just had a colonoscopy last week and the pictures taken by his GI this year when compared to last years pictures that were taken are amazing. I am not a doctor and when I looked at them, I could clearly see that the tissue appears to be healed or at least much improved since the last time when you could see ulcerations in the photos. The GI said the the biopsies he took will confirm whether or not he is inflammation free. He resisted taking it for years because of possible side effects but now is glad that he decided to take the plunge. So in his case he does suffer a few symptoms but his "plumbing" looks good from the inside so far!
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Humira seems to have fewer side effects than other treatments, far fewer than I had with azathioprine or prednisone.

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