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Hospitals are such fun! :p

ugh I just had a wonderful fun filled time. Went to my GI on Tue of last week, my mom had gone with me cuz my health is so poor right now. I guess moma bear kicked in with her and she jumped all over the GI about why we didnt have real answers yet. He decided to put me in the hospital in order to run tests back to back and because I was ddoing poorly. this was Tue night, ive been released now (was Thur night late) but yeah fun trip. Had pillcam, both colonoscpy and endoscopy as well as CT and chest xray as well as blood work and stool and pee samples taken. It was insane, right now he is leaning towdards IBS as well as me having some sort of virus that attacks the nervous system and can last from weeks to months (some times 8months) hoping im headin towards the end since Ive been sick for 4months now. We shall see. He has me on an antibotic that has me feeling fairly good. But now im dealing with migraines and sinus issues which could be tied to the virus....such fun
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Wow!!! Hopefully they'll get some answers after all this!!! Glad to hear that you've got somebody that's willing to stick up for you. Please keep us updated and take care! Xxxx
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Support Forum » Undiagnosed Club » Hospitals are such fun! :p
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