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Paleo Diet after reconnection

Has anyone have success with diet after a reconnection surgery? I have very little colon left anymore. But was thinking of doing the paleo or scd diet.
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The experiences will vary. I was on Paleo post-op and lost 50 pounds and ended up in terrible shape and required multiple operations after.
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I am going to give you a proper and scientific information about paleo diet/ ketogenic (which I confront with paleo) diet.

If you are interested, please follow my blog


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Hi Thomas,
The paleo diet is a good healthy diet,
You just have to get past all the people telling you how to do it.
Most of the problems are from misunderstanding the diet or attributing problems to the diet when there are other factors at play.

Diet alone may lead to an improvement but may not be the 'magic ticket', it's part of the whole package

Palaeolithic societies were extremely varied and their diets were extremely varied too.
The common factor was probably more about what they didn't eat than what they did eat.
-No sugar,
-No refined grains (any grains would have been a starvation food back then)
-No vegetable oils
-No processed foods

Some were very low carb and others were not
You will have to find out where you are on the scale, not where someone else thinks you should be.

Many people experience thyroid problems if their carb intake is too low-
If you don't want to loose weight then make sure you eat some 'safe' carbs.
While some paleo sites say lean meat, i eat all the (saturated) fat i can (raises HDL (good)), but this is a personal thing, for example - some people have familial hypercholesterolemia so should watch how much fat they eat.

I found this vid very useful

Maybe an intro diet like the SCD intro diet (google it)

I do not know how much you will have to change the diet for your colon, but i imagine that you may supplement to compensate for your lack of colon.
In this case you may want to pay attention to fillers in your supplements

Check out http://scdlifestyle.com/ for good tips and if you feel like it use the services they provide
I know this sounds like an add so i will say up front that while i have never used their services i do follow alot of their podcasts and blogs, and while overly long and verbose, they do know their stuff

Good Luck
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With my son, E, we have switched from the SCD to Auto-immune paleo and we are seeing great results. Being a paleo family, we had altered SCD to the point of looking a good bit like a paleo diet, but adding in the autoimmune aspect seems to be helping a great deal. I will say, it is a difficult diet.
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My son is 10 and was diagnosed with Crohn's at age 6. He has always been described as a moderate to severe case, fistula and everything else, including deficiencies, anemia, bad teeth, bad eyes, stunted growth; you name it. Nothing has worked in the 3 1/2 years we've been dealing with this.

We've experimented with diets, completely on our own, while on meds. My son hit rock-bottom this past May and we were going to give him a steroid pulse and then Remicade. This was when I decided to put him on Paleo. We had been experimenting with GF in 6 month stints before this. Now it was time to go all in.

He's had two upper and lower GIs in 3 years. Definitely Crohn's.

I know a lot of people frown on Crohn's and dieting, but here's the thing: even when on a more "varied" diet, most sufferers like my son, cannot absorb nutrients anyway. So why not try restricting certain foods? At first, we gave Paleo a week, at about 80% restriction (definitely no milk or grain but cheated on sugar etc.). We noticed an immediate change. Now this was a kid who hovered around the 2500 to 3000 calprotectin range with ESR and C-Reactive off the charts. Thus, I suppose our results were more immediate because he was so bad off. After two weeks his appetite was through the roof.

It's been 6 months Paleo for our son, it isn't easy that's for sure, but he's doing awesome. His calprotectin was 1/60th of his highest score, during July testing, which is in the normal range. Two weeks ago he tested again and was under TWENTY. Iron, a particular issue for him, is back to normal. His eyes have finally stopped changing!!!! He gained 15lbs the first 6 weeks Paleo.

We'll see how long it lasts. But I will say this, the diet is a commitment, and you have to go 100% and not cheat to get some results. BTW, we are still on meds, MTX, Azathioprine, and that's it! The true test will come once we get off those. For now, we're dealing with a HUNGRY and happy kid, probably for the first time EVER, and that means since birth! It's been THAT noticeable of a difference.
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