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My Story

Hi guys,

I am a new member of this forum; got diagnosed a few weeks ago only with a "light crohn disease", after the biopsy taken from the endoscopy. The symptoms that I have are continuous abdominal pains.

I have two aphthous ulcers in the terminal ileum, without diarrhea or blood.

The GI gave me Pentasa and Imuran. The homeopathic doctor told me that she has experience in dealing with this disease and she gave me Lycopodium for 1 month. I will take both the allopathic and homeopathic treatments.

I will post updates.
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Good luck Fortunate to catch it early on before a lot of scar tissue or anything had a chance to form.
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Hello and welcome! I hope your treatment goes well and you can start to feel well again. I haven't heard of Lycopodium but I am assuming that is because we are from different parts of the world. Let us know how it goes, and if you have any questions, concerns or just need to vent feel free!
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Thank you for the support, I appreciate it. I have to say that I feel a little bit better knowing that someone else has the same problems that I have and they are coping well.

Lycopodium is a homeopathic pill and its prescribed considering the entire well being of the patient. I had a 2 hour talk with the homeopathic doctor before she decided to give me this pill. I also gave her a history with my medical situation since I was a kid (I can sometimes awkwardly organize my stuff like that).

Related to Pentasa and Imuran, I have a question. I've asked pharmacists and doctors but they didn't really gave me a concrete answer and also the drug information list doesn't say that.

I noticed that if I take Pentasa first and after a few hours Imuran my pains go away better than taking them at once. How are you supposed to take them? Also, how much time before or after eating?

Ah, also I am doing acupuncture for 3 weeks now but it doesn't seem to work so well...

Last but not least, I found a book, got the title from this forum I will read it and I will start eating vegan and drinking a lot of liquids. I used to smoke and drink but not anymore.

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Hi guys,

I quit the alopatic treatment (so no more Pentasa and Imuran), I am eating healthier and I am continuing with the homeopatic treatment, with Lycopodium. I am starting to feel really better and I almost have no more pain at all.

I am feeling really confident that my treatment given from the homeopatic doctor will have positive results. Also due to this I am no longer feeling anxious as I felt before and my head no longer hurts as bad as it did before ( I work in front of a PC every day).

I will post future info in a few weeks with an update.
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I want to give you an update. It turns out that the homeopathic treatment didn't cut it anymore when I would get stressed out so I talked with the GI to start again taking the pills, Imuran and Pentasa.

I noticed improvement (the pain was not so bad) and I think that is because of Pentasa. I also found the book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" and started following that diet, feeling even better, been seeming better improvement when I am taking the yogurt, just lost a bit of weight now.

I got some tests done these days and they all came out good (blood, urine and fecal). Also did an ecography, the spleen was a bit bigger, so that's that. Waiting to get a Entero CT scan soon.

I am thinking that the pills are giving me unwated side effects so I would want to stop taking them soon enough, but I don't know if my doctor would agree with that. I still have some amount of pain most of the time, but I am feeling better. I never had the D , just some not so well formed stools when eating raw vegetables, so I just steam them before consuming . I assume mostly is due to the diet, because I didn't feel this much improvement with the pills only.

I am also taking some alternative stuff and I am eliminating stress as much as I can.

What improvements do you guys have with the SCD diet? Does it work?

I wish you all the best .
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Hey guys,

I'm not really sure about SCD working that great; Any advice on a better diet?
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Hey, so after 6 months of treatment with Pentasa, Imuran and SCD I did another endoscopy and the results where that I am in complete remission, no ulcerations no nothing.

But, I still have pains, so the doctor told me that its IBS, so I am taking antispastics, which kill the pain; also, I am living a more stress free live, which is helpful.

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Since you had mild and got this Early... and you did the SCD diet...

Did yur Doc ever do the blood test (IBD EXPANDED PANEL )??? if so what was up..

Ever looked at doing the great plans lab OAT test organic acid test and Comp stool-- youll get answers on bacteria in your gut and byproducts from yeast and or bacteria that are bad

Did ever look at elisa act to see what food are reactive in your blood
or enterolab to see whats reactive in your gut
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I started with the SCD diet.... felt better... but did lots of testing and advanced tests....I pin pointed food..... HIGH yeast and low good bacteria.. I modified my diet to a PALEO / low sugar and have been in the best health of my life.. used natural antifungals ( google canidda )

All my tests showed HIGH yeast what is not look at in crohns or by any doctor as well my Clostridum types were a little high... the funny part many with crohns have one of two high antibodies AMCA and ASCA both deal with yeast.... surprising

I used high dose of probiotics and then a certain one the lab told me that would eat/ push out the Clostridum strains...

ALL good
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I am not really sure of what tests your are referring at (I'm not from USA) but if you give me some links I will make sure I will take it to my doctor. I forgot to mention that I did had taken Rifaximin to diminish the yeast (it showed up that I have more, in an CT scan).

I also quit smoking and drinking when I first got diagnosed. Isn't PALEO a SCD diet with chocolate added and some other stuff?

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Oh, blood tests came up good
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what blood tests did you do????

SCD is a diet that removes alot of the hard to digest sugars and starches

Paleo is a little different they focus similar but not alot different

YEAST removal diet -- http://www.robinallan.com/uploads/1/...fungaldiet.pdf

*****if you can Id do the yeast removel diet****** this is the phase1 below

.... start SCD move on down the line. If you move to fast things die and flush... when yeast die... you feel like POO as they release toxins ( google candida/ yeast die off) http://www.thecandidadiet.com/candida-die-off.htm or jump to the YEAST diet first

Follow this guy when you have time www.knowthecause.com know the cause.. watch the videos his phase 1 diet million feel better ... the diet basically doesnt feed yeast or bad bacteria.. it removes foods that both of these need to eat (try it for one one) you will first feel worse then feel better

probiotics are important if you feel alot better from the diet then look at antifungal meds diflucan for the blood and nystain for the gut

most likely you dont have this test in eastern europe
IBD EXPANDED PANEL https://www.labcorp.com/wps/portal/provider/testmenu type in test# 162045

test is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Expanded Profile
AMCA -yeast candida
ALCA -- sugars
ASCA yeast bakers bread or beer yeast
ACCA -- shell fish etc

Its not cheap but you can do this --- to get some answers 645.00 dollars USA they do international testing
OAT test organic acid test

look at the samples --sample reports I can even you send you mine if you want a real example ..My wife is lithuanian so I its not cheap for you with the exchange in dollar
COMP stool - tests 92 bacteria 48 yeast 22 parasites

A USA hospital maybe tests for a handful of bacteria , and not even YEAST,,, im sure EUROPE does the same
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I did like a ton of tests, most of them are abbreviated in Romanian, but I hope its pretty straightfwd:

IgE specific la Dermatophagoides farinae
IgE specific la Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
IgE total
ANticorpi anti microzomiali tiroidinei (anticopri anti TPO)
ANticorpi anti tiroglobulina
Vitamina B12
Anticopri anti-endomysium

These are some tests that I did in bulk a way back. I live in a big City, I think I can do any tests that you guys have there, let me know what you think!


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