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About to start 6mp scared!!

So I'm about to begin 6mp today. The very thought
Has me anxious there isn't any interaction with Xanax right?
Because while I take .25 only sparingly I feel as if my
Mind will run away w my thoughts if I don't calm it. Like
Literally putting this pill in my mouth is going to cause a panic
Attack. I'm so scared of a reaction or worse getting
Sick all the time. I truly wish this wasn't happening.
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I was on 6mp, I'm pretty sure the anti-anxiety meds are fine but has an interaction checker you can use. I am totally freaked out starting new meds too but know that it will get better once you start and the anxiety will dissipate. It's like exposure therapy.
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I also do .25 xanax in emergencies. Thankfully I haven't had to use it in recent months but I have noticed no interaction with 6-mp when I did. I was actually speaking with another member about this understanding is that, like xanax, 6-mp is quickly broken down in your system, faster than some other medications and thus moves its way out within hours.

I'm so sorry you are not well and are feeling anxious about starting this medicaiton.

I remember being terrified like you when I started taking 6-mp earlier this year. I cried and went through a thousand scenarios in my head. It's far too easy to go over the worst case scenarios when dealing with these medications. But it is also very important to do your best to focus on the benefits vs. risks.

While some folks do experience side effects from 6-mp, most crohn's patients on here document that they have none or that they go away within the first few weeks once your body adjusts to the medication. The major side effects that most feel from 6-mp come at MUCH higher dosages than what crohn's patients are given. Recognizing this, I had to ask myself would I rather suffer from crohn's pains and complications and surgeries my entire life by NOT trying this? Or do I take a chance and see if I have a shot at finally feeling better?

Side effects of 6-mp are minimal. And worst case scenario, if the 6-mp does not work for you, it can be stopped immediately and any side effects may be reversed by doing so.

Wishing you all of the best. I hope that this medication proves to be successful for you with minimal to no side effects
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Forgot to add that I did Klonopin on occasion while on 6mp and it's also a benzo. No interactions for me.
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It's scary taking new drugs I know but the way I'm gonna start battling these side affects an disease all together is to get as healthy as I possibly can by exercise and diet and atleast I'll be prepared and better for to fight this disease and all the side affects that come with along with the drugs plus the healthier we r the quicker we recover from flare ups!!!

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