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Azathioprine and Diet

I have been on azathioprine for about a year and a half( since I was first diagnosed). I ran into the same pattern with this drug. I go into remission and then a couple months later it comes back. My doctor increases my dose a little each time until I reach the absolute max dosage. As soon as I was about to give up hope, I found something that put me straight into remission.

I realized the combined effect of decreased meat consumption and Azathioprine worked wonders( so far). I only eat chicken and bacon, but I consumed chicken every single day and sometimes twice a day. I completely cut meat out of my life and at first it was great and put me into remission , but I became extremely tired after a while. So I started introducing meat back into my diet. When I ate chicken two or three times a week, some symptoms come back. So I started only eating chicken once a week and the symptoms completely went away.

I don't know if this would help anyone else, but I thought I would share in case anyone else would have luck with this approach.

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