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blah, my link didn't work though, maybe they caught me hotlinking the pic.....

But thanks Jan. The idea of food being supplied via the nostrils is a whole new level of weird, though...we all remember the kid with his milk carton across at the lunch table who liked to laugh ever so voraciously at the wrong moment....

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hows it all going drew?

jan mentioned me for TPN....i have never been on tpn long term, just for about a week in the hospy. (was pretty nice to be honest, you dont have to worry worry worry about your nutrition, you know it is taken care of and you can jsut eat if you feel like it)
BUT, i did have a picc line in for about 8 months to get antibiotics for a freakin abcess in my colon that didnt respond to oral meds. so if you decide to go the tpn route, then i could answer any questions you have about the PICC in general.

i really hope youre doing better. i really could relate to what you said about your tum just doing better without food in it. thats pretty much how ive been, the thought of food is gross and when i do force it down it = pain and an angry tummy overall.
i was really thinking of going the TPN route but with tysab that was a no no cause as jan mentioned, you can become septic and tysab would increase that risk for me. and when i decided to abort tysab, well i was just too far gone to give something else a try so surg happened.

let us know whats going on! however it turns out, we all know how important nutrition is. 83 lbs for me on surgery day and that scares the hell out of me, i never want to see that kind of weight loss in anyone else here
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One thing I try @ home is baby rice cereal mixed with apple juice. Also scrmbed
eggs and toast. chicken baked only with butter and baked potatoe. Hope you feel better soon
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I'm going to try Ensure/mashed bananas/soup only for a little while. I need to let my poor body heal. Let us know how it's going for you!
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