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Hep A and Hep B vaccine on first day of Remicade infusion?

I'm beginning my Remicade infusion tomorrow and they said they want to do a Hep A and Hep B vaccine on the same day.

This is with the VA hospital, which means they tend to make more mistakes than a typical hospital.

Just curious if anyone has had a Hep A or Hep B vaccine on the same day or what you think about it?
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Our GI has told us that my son is not to have any live vaccinations while on Remicade, so like when we get the flu shot we get the shot and not the nasal mist. So I think it would depend on if the vaccine was live or dead.

From what I could google it seems they are both dead viruses. I'm going to tag Tesscorm as her son recently faced some vaccinations and he is on Remicade, also Mehita because she had a thread about vacines. And last I'm going to tag MLP, just because she is awesome and probably has an article about it tucked away somewhere!
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Personally, I wouldn't get it on the same day. As far as the vaccine itself, our GI told me the Twinrix vaccine is safe but he did recommend checking immunity first to confirm it's needed.

As for having it on the same day, I just happened to be speaking with the remicade rep (not sure if she is a nurse) and asked what the protocol was re the flu vaccine and remicade. Even with the flu vaccine, she said they recommend having the flu vaccine one week before or one week after the remicade infusion.
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My son tested neg for Hep B antibodies so he needed the Hep B booster. Additionally, he was due for the second Hep A shot and his flu vaccine. He did all three the same day and was fine... but he's not on Remicade. He's on Azathioprine.

I think if I were you, I'd space them so 1) it doesn't interfere with Remi, 2) if you react you will know what you're reacting to.

Can you postpone Remi by a week? Maybe get Hep B today, Hep A in a couple days and then do Remi?
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