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UC and bleeding

I have been recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. It's been going on 7-8 years, but I'm sure like many others I was told over and over that I have IBS.
I have only had blood in my stool once. From what I have read, bloody stools are a lot more common in UC.
Does anyone else have no bloody stools?
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I've had bloody stool when the colitis was not well controlled and flared aggressively. When your colon starts healing the blood will subside and eventually will disappear.

In UC's case, blood in the stool could come from simple irritation of the mucosa due to execissve diarrhea (a minor problem on the diagnostic side, but that can be a pain to live with practically), or it means the colon is so inflamed it is bleeding from the inside (a bad sign).

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