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Starting infliximab/remicade

Hi everyone, I'm starting infliximab/ remicade soon, just wanted to hear some people's stories who are on it , has it worked for you, does it hurt etc
I'm 17 and am worried about the nurses finding a vein as when I go for blood tests they have so much trouble it makes me a bit distressed , does anyone have this problem and are on infliximab, any advice or reassurance would help lol
Thank you x
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I've been on Remicade for about 2 years now. Have my infusions every 8 weeks. Has totally cleared up my bowel so no more diarrhea. I love my infusion time - once they start it I fall asleep for almost an hour & feel great afterwards.

I was worried about the IV too as my veins collapse when I'm stressed. So my doctor told me to get some Emla cream - it's lidocaine & numbs the site of your IV. Much easier to stay calm when I'm not anticipating pain. You just put a thick layer on the site, apply the plastic patch about an hour before the IV. Then it's numb.

I also have a number of other drugs to take for Crohns secondary symptoms but the Remicade has done wonders. Don't anticipate problems - it may work wonders for you too.

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Rrhood1 - thanks for your reply, I'm glad to hear that your bowel has cleared up hope it will do the same for me! I don't think my local chemist does Emla cream but I will definitely take your advice and get some numbing cream that may help me not panic so much when there poking me several times lol!
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My son is 17 and has been on remicade treatments since he was 15. He doesn't have the trouble with his veins so no advice there.

But the remicade hasn't bothered him. He has the infusions at his GIs infusion labs and they provide snacks, wii, movies, wifi, drinks. He usually takes his homework along to stay caught up and it generally takes 2 or 2 and a half hours to complete the infusion.

Good luck with your first one!
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Sounds good hope mine provides snacks and drinks! Lol very nervous hope all goes well.
Thank you!

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