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Still bruising after stopping Pred

Hi everyone,

I have been on Pred for about 4/5 months and have now tapered off (finished about 3 weeks ago) and my symptoms have not returned

I am just concerned as i am still bruising quite bad, the slightest knock and i get quite a large bruise. I also have tiny little bruises too.

I spoke to my GI who said it is most likley to be because of the pred but would like me to have my coagulation checked at my next bloods (i have them every 2 weeks)

Has anyone else had this ?

Many Thanks

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Humira injections
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Im back on pred after not having to take it for almost 13yrs!! I do remember bruising easily when on it. My doc also has said that this if normal. I had to go up to the ER for some pain relief the other day and left with a very large bruise where they put in my IV. Hope you continue to feel better and Im sure in time the bruising will subside. There are other reasons why we bruise tho so its good your doc is checking. Good luck!
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It does take a while for your skin to recover even after you've stopped taking the prednisone. Give it a few months.

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