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Need Surgery, found out I'm Pregnant

What do I do...Any advise or similar situations would help please.

On Oct 14th I was scheduled for a small bowel resectioning due to an abnormal
dilatation of small bowel loops within the upper and mid abdomen with evidence of significant wall thickening of loops of small bowel just distal to this
segment. The findings are compatible with segmental enteritis with a partial
small bowel obstruction. I also have a mass on my lower right quadrant that is painful to touch.

On Oct 11 (my wedding anniversary) I found out I am pregnant. After seeing my OB and doing blood work I am 3/4 weeks. I have met with all my doctors and my GI feels I need to have this surgery very soon before my partial blockage becomes a complete blockage. I can tell he does not think I am healthy enough to carry a baby right now. His main concern is If I go without the surgery and need an emergency operation which can put my life and the babies life is at risk. I am heart broken and do not know what to do.

I had a CT scan 2 weeks ago as well and I know the radiation is not good to do at all when pregnant but especially when in the first few weeks.

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Oh, Pamela, I'm sorry to hear you're faced with this right now. I have no advice, but just wanted to send support.
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Pamela, it's my 8 yr old son that has CD, so I've not been through anything like what you're going through. I will pray for you, as you make some hard decisions.
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Thank you everyone for your support.

The one thing all my doctors have in common is I need this surgery and I need it soon. Before the growth of the baby. Looks like they will be doing the surgery Nov 19th. WE are hoping this wont put the pregnancy at risk but there is not other option. Emergency surgery would be worse for me and the baby. This is so scary and stressful!
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So sorry to hear this. I don't have any experience of this but wanted to send my support. It must be very difficult xx
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Just sending you my support and letting you know I'm thinking of you, I can't imagine how difficult and scary this must all be. I wish you and your baby the very best of luck. Sending you warm hugs, healing thoughts and prayers. Please keep us informed on how you are doing.

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Hi Pamela,

That's a really difficult situation to be in, hugs to you!

Depending on where the narrowing is located, could an endoscopic balloon dilation be an option?

Alternatively, if a blockage is highly likely you may be able to hold off surgery a little longer by going on enteral nutrition or just a standard liquid diet. This would pass more easily through the narrowed area than normal food would, hopefully preventing a blockage for the time being. I don't know anything about EN during pregnancy and I'd imagine you'd need to be monitored very closely to make sure you and the baby are getting all the right nutrients but it might be worth considering.

Best of luck, I hope things turn out well with both the pregnancy and the Crohns.

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Hi Pamela,

In regards to the CT Scan don't worry your mind about it. It's done and there is nothing you can do. Being anxious or worried will only cause more harm. Anticipate a healthy lovely baby. Don't be anxious about it.

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