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How long did it take for you to become symptom free on SCD?

Hey guys, i started SCD about 2 and a half weeks ago and i've had a bit of a mix of results. I've had some great days but i've also had periods with lots of pain and either diarrhea or constipation. I'm very committed to the diet and any rare deviation has been solely down to mistakes rather than concious decisions to cheat.

My only concern is that i didn't do the intro diet because i wasnt aware of it until i got the book (after i started scd)

I was just wondering how long it took for you guys to become symptom free on SCD? Right now i can't tell what success has been down to SCD and what has been the drug that im on (pentasa 2g twice a day) because i started them around the same time.

I committed to 30 days of SCD so dont worry about me giving up at this point, but i'd be interested to hear how peoples experiences have been with regard to time scale after starting the diet.
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Both of my kids were already in remission when they started the diet, one from steroids, the other from 6 weeks of EEN.

The diet worked for my first, instantly and perfectly. And has continued to work that way for her for 8+ years. No symptoms, no drugs.

#2 is pretty much without symptoms, but his energy is low and he has undigested food about once a week and feels "whiped out" after going on those days. He's been on the diet since May and he also takes Pentasa 3 Xs a day.

He's doing pretty well, overall, but is that chance, the Pentasa or his diet? We haven't found any trouble foods that we can pinpoint, but he has stuck with the diet 100% except for Peptamen, which we recently added back as a supplement.
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i would suggest to start with the intro diet - and move forward slowly from there - the purpose of the intro stage is to build the foundation for the healing / cleanup process - in fact in case of step backs along the way - you can always go back to intro diet for few days - stabilize the situation - and mofe forward again.

good luck!
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Just keep in mind that diet might be an answer for you but SCD in its pure form may not. Be willing to tweak. E could not handle ,any aspects of the diet - ie the dairy, the legumes, or the beef. By the time we tweaked it, it looked more like a basic paleo diet and we have really started seeing success as we have moved to auto immune paleo.
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To be honest I never really felt better(energywise). But my colonoscopy was clean after 4 months on the SCD. So I knew it was doing something. That was like 5 years ago.

Energy never really returned to normal though I went to an extremely low carb diet and that's largely why. At least for me carbohydrates seem to set off my crohns. Some people it's gluten. Don't know enough to say more than that in terms of what sets people off.

Started LDN a month ago but don't know if it's doing anything or not yet since it takes a few months or so to know.

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