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Itchy skin

anyone else experience episodes of itchy skin (without a rash) while taking imuran?

i'm thankful it isn't consistent itching, seems to be at it's worse a couple hours after taking my dose... but geez it drives me nuts.

also, embarrassing to say but, it seems i have a low sex drive since being on this med... no desire to have sex...

these are the only 2 side effects i've been experiencing, not the worst ones to have... but i'm curious if anyone else has experienced them.

i've been on imuran for almost 2 months now.
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I have neither of these 2 problems. I have been on Imuran for 5 or 6 months.
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I've experience itchy skin...but I am not sure if that can be directly related to the imuran...I've been on it for 4 months now. It might just be dry skin, since it is the season, and all!
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When I have a bad D episode - a few days later I get very itchy and irritable inside and out, like my liver and bowel are trying to de-tox. It is not pleasant. It may be the Medication or it could be a symptom of the Crohns. Take care.
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Not taking that med, but also have patches of dry itchy skin. The best thing I've found for it is Eucerin lotion. Good luck!
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i'm on 6-mp - been a little over a month now. no side effects like those you mentioned.

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JillianB82 said:
Not taking that med, but also have patches of dry itchy skin. The best thing I've found for it is Eucerin lotion. Good luck!
i was going to recommend a cream called Eurax.... i wonder if it's the same as Eurecin..? anyway, it's fantastic for stopping itchy skin very quickly - even used it when i had chickenpox lol
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well, the sex drive thing may have been more pyschological and not from the med cuz it seems to be getting back to normal... or maybe something hormonal was going on ... the itchy skin isn't severe, and my skin isn't really dry except for on my legs from the EN... but it seems to have calmed down.

i dunno some days i am just not myself and seemed like the last couple weeks were strange.

thanks for replying everyone.

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