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I just pooped from my bum!

I have colostomy. I have had it since july 2013. And i just pooped from my back behind. Weirdest thing ever! It was poop, about my finger size and there were mucus and blood too. Is it normal? Can it be something that have left in my rectum before surgery?

At least know i now that i really don't miss those bathroom moments! Changing the bag is lot easier. Lol!
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I just had my ileostomy, and I had this happen just days after the surgery - which is apparently normal. I wouldn't have thought it would happen months after the operation though? Perhaps it was thick mucus, dark because of blood? Apparently that can happen, even some time after the surgery. The remaining bowel still produces some mucus and other waste products. I agree with you that changing the bag is definitely preferable!

Crohn's Disease Forum » Surgery » I just pooped from my bum!
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