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Life really sucks right now

It's crazy how CD can affect one's entire life. In three months I've lost my job, health insurance, have hospital bills which will end up on my credit, I've even lost friends!

You know what else sucks? When people treat CD like it's a bellyache. I've had people in my own family tell me to my face that nothing was wrong with me (as if I'm lying) or that I'm not that sick.

I'm not even thirty and I feel that my life is over. That dreams I've had may not come true. I'm scared I will not be able to have kids...or even get married. I can't even keep a job!

Every GI I've encountered has told me that CD usually runs in families. Well I'm the only one. Why me?

Some days I feel happy, but then when I get winded from brushing my teeth or feel pain in my gut, I'm reminded of what I will have to deal with for the rest of my life....and I feel low again.

Sorry for the rant...just venting.
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You're absolutely right and people not walking in our shoes can't understand how devastating this disease can be. I am very sorry to hear about all the issues you are facing. Don't give up hope, you never know, remission might be around the corner and all your dreams may come true.

I really recommend that you read the spoon theory it's written by somebody with lupus and is a great explanation of those of us with chronic illness and what we deal with on a day-to-day basis. It would be great to share it with anyone who doesn't get what it's like
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I go through the exact same thing! I was diagnosed 3 days before my 20th birthday and sometimes there are days where I feel like my life, my dreams, everything I wanted is unachievable. But trust me and remember things do get better once remission happens for you, and it WILL happen. No one can truly understand this disease until they have experienced it first hand. I am also the only one in my family and sometimes it feels very lonely. The usual "oh you're fine" "drama queen pity party" comments are the worst. What a lot of people don't realize is that Crohn's goes a lot deeper than just feeling sick. But know you're not alone and life CAN go on normally. It's a bump in the road. You can do anything someone without CD can. I look at what I've gone through as a lesson, to always appreciate the good things and little blessings in life. And never apologize for ranting, you have every right! Good luck with everything!(:

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Thanks @ nogutsnoglory! The spoon theory is great! I've bookmarked it and emailed it to my mother as well! :-)

Thanks @ SaraBeth11! and it sucks you were dx'ed right before your bday; I hope you still got to enjoy it. Good luck to you too! :-)
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I understand how you feel, even though I am a bit older, I still feel like I may be robbed of my hopes and dreams.

I was actually fired this week as they would not hold my position due to
I am unable to give them a return to work date by the end of Dec.

I am a nurse, have never in my life been fired. They said it had nothing to do with my performance only my illness. :-(

I am not married yet and scared to death about everything.

Please hang on as tight as you can, as I am trying to as well.

Allow yourself the hope you deserve!

I will be thinking of you, sending prayers and positive thoughts your way :-)

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Thank you for the support @ Dragonfly72!

And I'm really sorry that you lost your job, that's horrible. It's so unfair how employers aren't understanding of this condition. It should be considered discrimination. I also want to be a nurse and I figured working in a hospital setting surrounded by medical professionals, that they would be understanding if I became sick...moreso than working in a office setting where usually past employers have no idea what CD is.
But thank you so much for your support. I will also be sending prayers your way also.
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Thank you for the link to the spoon theory. I've never been able to explain to people how hard it is to have a chronic disease. I'm going to pass the link on to my friend with MS as we'll.

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Oh man, I totally get how you feel. Sometimes, it can be downright awful to live with Crohn's. But, I've found that even just having one person who understands can be so helpful. And the only way people can really understand what we are living through is if we tell them. I know it's really hard and embarrassing, but telling someone you trust what is really going on-how Crohn's really makes you feel- does wonders. My family didn't understand what Crohn's really was until I told them how bad it made me feel. Then things got so much better. This video might be helpful .

And remember, if you truly feel like no one else in your life understands, all of us here do. We get how you feel, and you can talk to us whenever you need to. Things will get better, even if it doesn't feel like it. Hang in there and keep hoping.
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Thank you so much @ Essieluv! And you're right! It's great to have a community of people who understand exactly what you are going through! :-)
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I feel for you. I've been there too with being told to "suck it up" or that I'm lazy. Crohns was the literal hijacking of my life. I hope that you can find relief and get back on track.

I wish you all the best. Keep these support forums and websites handy as they're a good place to vent and get better support, cause we've been there.

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I was shocked to read that Dragonfly was fired because of her illness.
I believe there are laws against this and it might be worth taking a look at the State Laws concerning employment.
I am sure you will soon get a better job Dragonfly
Hugs and best wishes
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I feel your pain. I'm actually in the same predicament. I've had crohn's since the 7th grade and it has destroyed my social life and hopes and dreams growing up. I finally got over it in college but my last week before I graduated i ruptured my colon. At any rate I lost my job recently because I was never healthy enough and missed a month straight from a adhesion that put me in the hospital. Lost my apartment and now at 26 I feel like my life is over.... my parents just tell me to suck it up etc....
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Omg you guys are so YOUNG for this. I'm an old lady and lived with minor flares through out the years. At least until this last ten year stent. I believe there will be a cure soon. Crohn's is rampant in my family so I know there is a genetic component. That said, you are too young to give up. Picture me standing behind you giving you a shove onto your feet. Oh how I wish I could take it from you. Your lives are not over.

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Methotrexate--had kidney/liver damage
Lialda--allergic to aspirin--but didn't know until my Crohn's got much worse.
Prednisone--only when I have to!

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