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Fissures and Crohn's

Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed Crohn's disease in June this year. However, my biggest nightmare is anal fissures that i'm suffering since 2 years. I tried nitroglycerin creams and botox injections which gave me 2 months of relief. According to my doctor surgery is out of consideration since it may cause fistulas. Do you have any other suggestions for the treatment?


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Hi Gurakan, Welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear of the problems you have been having. I had surgery for a fissure and fistula in January this year. The fistula was layed open and the fissure was removed. It has so far been successful and I have had no issues with it since.

If your surgeon thinks it is too risky to go ahead with surgery, I would definitely want to avoid risk of fistula at all costs as they are nasty things!

I am unsure what other treatments options there are for fissures. Hopefully someone else who has more knowledge will come along and help you.
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