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Not Diagnosed Yet. Diarrhea For Years. HELP! [REALLY LONG]

Hello everyone! I just joined a few minutes ago because I really want some answers. I don't know if this is the right forum, but I am not diagnosed yet. I am sorry if this is going to be long, but please read it all and comment. Since 2008 when I was 14 (I am 19 now) I have had diarrhea everyday. I actually can't remember life without having diarrhea. :/ Basically, I would go poop once a day but it would be in diarrhea form. It was never severe so I thought nothing of it. All throughout High School, I would have diarrhea in the mornings. I would go about 3 times. It always happened if I woke up early, but if I slept in I wouldn't get diarrhea? When my body would get used to waking up that early I would not have diarrhea in the mornings, but would have to go all the time after dinner. For years now, I get lower abdominal cramps every time I have to go. But, the pain is relieved when I have a bowel movement. Through 9nth and 10nth grade, I would get severe cramps and go about 3-4 times in the morning. Then as the day progresses, I would feel better. 11th-10nth grade, I hardly had diarrhea in the mornings and I felt great! I could wake up early and feel good. Maybe my body was used to that schedule of waking up early? That's my background of diarrhea. In August 2013, things have gotten worse.

I have noticed a change in my bowel movements. When I go, I am not pooping poop but just white mucus. I have been passing white mucus. I notice brown strings attach to my poop? It looks like brown mucus. I never had these symptoms before, but for months this is what I have been passing. I did research, (I know it's no good to diagnose yourself online) but the results came up as parasites. Let's see, I did swim in a lake this summer, I do eat medium rare meat, I do have bad bathroom hygiene (I'm poor with washing my hands) and my dogs have fleas. It said you could of swallowed an infected flea. So, I suspected parasites. Why all of a sudden this change in my bowl movement? Three weeks ago, my mom sent me to urgent care. It was a Tuesday, I had to wake up at 7am (I usually sleep in till 3pm) because I was gonna be my friend's model for her cosmetology class. I was feeling great! Around 12pm, the abdominal cramps started happening. It was miserable. I went poop 15 times and couldn't stop. Every less than a minute I would have to go back running to the bathroom. I just couldn't stop. I begged my dad to take me home, and apologized to my friend. I don't know if I had an attack because I woke up early. I guarantee if I woke up my usual time, it would of never happened. This is actually my second attack. I never had a diarrhea attack before? It all started happening in the summer! Do you think it's because of my sleep schedule?

I told the doctor all of my symptoms. She suspects it's IBS. She also listed Celiac Disease, Ulcerative Colitis (She doubts that because I have no blood in my stool) or Crohn's Disease. My cousin Has Crohn's... so that could be a possibility? I don't know, I can basically eat whatever I want and I am a little over weight. I am 5'3 and weight 180 pounds. Since all of this has happened, I have had a loss of appetite! I probably have been losing some pounds. I'm not hungry or I eat light now. I don't know what's wrong with me! I took a blood test, haven't gone back yet. I am in the process of doing a stool sample that is going to check for parasites, fungi, or ecoli. I think I do have a bowel disease. If I don't have parasites will they find other stuff in my stool that they aren't looking for? I don't know why all of this stuff stared happening in the summer. I just miss the days where I could eat all day, where I can eat and not get scared I am going to have diarrhea right afterwards.

That's really it. Thank you for reading! So, do you think it is because of my sleep schedule? Is it parasites? What is it? What will the blood test tell the doctors? Another thing, sometimes after I go poop, I will have this heavy feeling in my anus. Like this heavy feeling I have to go again? I don;t know.. it's weird. Something feels heavy in their after I have a bowel movement. One more thing, after I go poop my anus hurts really bad. Since 2009 till now, my anus will be in pain after I poop. I use to have hemorrhoids in middle school. So yeah? What's the deal with that?
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I think it could be a parasite. You should really start washing your hands and get your dogs treated for fleas. You could also be eating something that doesn't agree with you. Have you noticed if there any certain food you eat before this happens?
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I agree with the above - whatever is or isn't wrong with you - wash your hands . It's not just you who you could be making sick, you could be spreading your germs to others too. And why would you leave your poor dogs with fleas? They're so easy to treat.

Many things could cause your symptoms - as your doctor has said, Crohn's is one possibility. Stool tests and blood tests are not the most comprehensive diagnostic tests - they may indicate something is wrong, but not necessarily what. I'm not sure how accurate tests for parasites are. If these test results don't come back with answers, your doctor may recommend further testing, such as colonoscopy or endoscopy, or maybe barium studies, which can produce far more specific results.
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Hmm, let's see.

First off, definitely improve your hygiene with the hand washing deal and get your dogs treated for fleas (for their benefit as well as yours). Whether or not it's related, it's a good place to start. If it's a financial problem, Dawn dish soap should at least help with the fleas and is much less expensive than flea medicine. Lavender is supposed to repel fleas, as well.

I doubt your sleep schedule is causing any of this, simply aggravating what's already going on. Does it relate to how tired you are? I see you talk about it happening more when you wake up early, but when you do that are you more fatigued than you otherwise are?

A lack of bleeding definitely doesn't rule out IBD, but watch carefully for any signs of it, because if it does occur, it does rule out IBS. Since you do have a relative with Crohn's, you're slightly more susceptible than the general population, but only very slightly.

Have you had a blood test done? Do you know what they tested for? Are they setting up anything else? A colonoscopy needs to be done at this point.

I hope things go well for you!

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