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Saw GI today - update and a few questions

So back in September I had a flare and was put on prednisone for 5 weeks, which I finished about a week ago. I had my follow up with the GI today and I did not like what she had to say. I have minor symptoms starting to come back already after being off the pred, so she wants to scope me again. She doesn't want to keep prescribing pred, and she is talking about pulling out the "big guns" if there is in fact inflammation still. I really really hate scopes (like I'm sure everyone does) mainly because they won't let me do the gatorade/miralax prep and I cannot tolerate Suprep which they prescribe. Last time I ended up doing Mag Citrate and dulcolax after attempting suprep and barely able to get a sip down before i almost threw up. Hopefully she will let me use this again.

She also is having me start Canasa and gave me a lidocaine cream for pain. I am doing Team Challenge in Vegas next week, so i told her I would not get scoped until I get back from that because I have worked so hard and do not want to risk messing it up. Unfortunately the soonest after that is Dec 9th, although I am going to try to change it to later that week due to a conflict. I know my health is the most important, but if I can work it in without interrupting my schedule too much I will. Part of me feels like this is overkill as my symptoms really aren't bad right now, but I also know if we don't get it figured out and wait it will get worse, as has happened in the past. Ugh this disease is so frustrating!

Also with the Canasa - i work night shifts so I often sleep during the day - what would be the ideal time to take it? I didn't think to ask her about this today. Has anyone been on this and what were your experiences?

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I'm not quite sure about advice for your scopes. Only you can know what you can deal with. If it were me however, I'd be wanting to get the scopes over with. But, do understand about your upcoming trip and not wanting to miss it.

As far as the Canasa goes. This medication can be a bit of a challenge, especially for those of us with different shifts. Since you work night shifts. If you use 2 a day, I'd put one in before going to sleep and the other when you're getting dressed and ready to go to work. If you take just the 1; I'd just put the one in before laying down to go to sleep. Takes a bit to get into a routine. But, this is what seems to work for me.

Good luck and hope things get a little easier for you. Xxxx
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