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Hey - sorry if this is too much information but for ibs and crohns sufferers I guess we are all used to it?!

I am in remission from Crohn's disease - for 18 years with a minor flare 3 years ago. I was really desperate for the loo yesterday and had bad diaorrhoea. After this I have been in so much pain I can't sit down properly I have to brace myself before standing up and can't walk comfortably. I feel quite sick because it hurts. Now I actually can't go to the loo and feel really swollen and sore. I have been warned about hemaroids but don't really know much about them and just a bit embarrassed really - my partner is wondering what's wrong but feels a bit odd telling Him! There is no blood just a lot of pain.

Any ideas before I go to a doctor and possibly look like an idiot?!
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Had kind of the same issue, turned out to be a hemorrhoid which after treatment, went away in about a week. In your case I would say check the area and if your pain doesn't go away in a few days, call the doctor. If you had some kind of flare that caused you to strain, it could be a hemorrhoid or maybe just irritated, but I'm not a doctor. Nevertheless, you definitely won't look like an idiot. Hemorrhoids are no big deal at all. The worst part about having them is getting the courage to go to the doctor for them. I was super embarrassed about it but they see those kinds of things everyday! Good luck(:
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Sudden diarrhea can lead to a tear in the lining of the rectum, called a fissure. I get these quite often. They can range from only mildly painful to horrible. The best thing is soaking in sitz baths often. That will also help if it is a hemorrhoid, or just soreness. If it doesn't go away or gets worse, talk to your GI as it may be something else like a fistula or abscess. Sending you prayers for healing!
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I think you need to see a doctor on this one. There are many possibilities, but it's not the sort of thing you can guess at over the Internet. It may or may not be related to Crohn's. Your doctor will not think you're an idiot. Don't be embarrassed. If you feel really awkward, maybe try writing out on paper what you just posted here and hand the letter to the doctor so you don't have to get the words out.
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I too would talk to my doc re this one. There can be several reasons for your pain, most mention above. I've had hemi's, fissures and rectal fistulas, all can be VERY painful! I remember having anal fissures when I was a teen, which was a sx of my undiagnosed Crohn's at that time, and when I had to poop I'd have to hold and squeeze the doorknob in my bathroom so I wouldn't scream! Anal and rectal disease is a real issue, and the docs are very used to dealing w this area, don't feel embarrassed. Its all part of this "shitty" disease!!
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