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I just want to be normal

I'm really frustrated at the moment. I was diagnosed with Crohn's back when I was a junior in high school and ever since I wish I could just be a regular young adult again. I'm in college now and I want to have fun with all my friends, however I know that drinking alcohol is not good for my Crohn's. I was in remission for a while and could drink whenever I wanted with no problems. Then because of tons of stress, not watching my diet, school work, etc. I had a small flare up about 3 months ago. Since then, I have to drink a lot more carefully now. I don't drink beer now because my stomach doesn't like that at all. I typically stick to hard alcohol because I don't have to drink as much. I'm not a crazy "party hard" college student but I do like to drink with my friends on some weekends. I just wish a lot of the time that I could be a normal college student and live out what my parents always told me was, "the best time of their lives". Is that too much to ask?
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Pentasa 3x daily (500mg)
Remicade (~300mg) once every 6 weeks
Mercaptopurine 1x daily (25mg)
Culturelle Digestive Health probiotic 1x daily
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Prednisone (40mg)
Metronidizole (250mg)
Methotrexate (0.5 mL) SubQ injection
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well from someone who has been through almost everything...I think you just need to accept that you aren't normal.....idk if drinking is something you should do...I am sure once in a while....holidays etc is not a big deal but you at least know what could happen if you do.......I don't think you should feel like you have to be like everyone else at college....I know you want to but not everyone has crohns like we do.....stay away as much as you can from processed foods...basically most things that are bagged or boxed.....ive done that since late july and I have lost 33 lbs....and drinking mostly might notice a difference within 10 days.....idk what you eat...but when I was in college....wings, ramun noodles, café food which I am sure is canned etc....boxed mac and cheese etc.....if I ate that now I would feel awful.....reply if you wish ill do my best to respond asap
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I hear ya buddy, we all wish we had more normal lives and feel like we are getting cheated out of fun times. I don't drink alcohol anymore because of my stomach and the meds but I would goto bars and nurse a beer or cocktail, that way I was part of the scene and had something in my hand without going overboard. There is also nothing wrong with getting alcohol and coke and just have it heavy on the soda. Nobody knows what's in your drink.

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