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Flaring question?

Hi, I'm not fully familiar with what exactly happens when flaring, I was diagnosed with crohn's a couple years ago and have a really bad flare when I was in the hospital. But flaring seem to be a common term in this forum? Like I would see people mentioning certain food cause them to flare. Is it like a mild flare when the crohn's activate again or is it just the symptoms getting worst? Sorry about all the confusing questions! Sometime when I drink milk or eat spicy food, i'd get stomach pains and diahrea, is that flaring? or is flaring something more serious where you need meds to treat it?
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Not everyone on the forum agrees with the definition of a flare. Some do call any symptoms they get from foods to be a "flare" but a flare basically means active disease. For some a flare can last a very long time and they may go from feeling fairly well to having sudden symptoms again from foods and will think that they are having a sudden flare caused by the food when really they weren't in remission to begin with (not clinically but to them they may feel that very few bad days may be "remission" for them but that doesn't mean a deep stable remission isn't possible).

There are multiple categories of remission. Clinical remission (few to no symptoms), Biochemical remission (where your inflammation markers in both blood work and stool tests are in the normal range), Endoscopic remission (where your inflamed intestines have healed) and Deep (Stable) remission (no active disease and all tests are normal). These categories and to know if you're in a flare (flares are also listed from mild, moderate to severe) can be calculated by using the Crohn's Disease Activity Index (CDAI). If you're dependent on steroids then you cannot be considered in remission.http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=51899

Its possible that you may be somewhat lactose intolerant which is normal as humans eventually switch from breast milk to solid foods causing them to produce less lactase which is used for breaking down lactose. Hot peepers contain capsaicin which can cause diarrhea (so can the skins and seeds from peppers as they are difficult to digest). remission doesn't mean that you can eat anything and never have any symptoms just like any person who doesn't have IBD can't eat just anything and be fine all the time.

Crohn's disease in general requires treatment no matter if you're in a flare or in remission. Yet during a flare the treatment becomes more aggressive.
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