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Pre Cancer / Dysplasia

Hi all,

Had the biopsies back from the lab and i've been told the area of of where my crohn's is, shows the cells are not growing/dividing properly anymore and are malignant, was told it could be the early signs of cancer but could also just go away on its own. Only another routine colonoscopy will tell.

Has anyone else had this? and if so, what was your outcome (short term or longterm).

I'm only 23
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I had that experience with a mole when I was 19, it was a dysplastic nevus. I was told just to be extra vigilant in getting cancer checks. That was 20 years ago, I still get checked every year but no problems. I know it is not the same as issues in your colon but I think it is good news Dr's are aware so it can be watched. Bowel cancer (my dad and grandfather had colon cancer) takes about 10 years to get to the point that it is difficult to treat. So keep a watchful eye but try not too worry. (Easier said than done, i know)

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