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Waiting... and waiting!

Like many other people here who are still waiting for a straight up diagnosis, I am growing more frustrated with this healthcare system. At my last appointment with my GI she said she wanted to go ahead and do a barium x-ray. She said the office would call me soon to schedule an appointment, its been weeks and still no call. My symptoms get worse and worse and still no help yet. I'm getting so fed up waiting just to hear whats wrong with me!
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Very frustrating. I suggest you call them and try to find out what the hold up is. The best way to get things done is by staying on top of them; it's pretty common for things like that to get forgotten (at least here).

I hope things get sorted out soon!

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I agree with Sarah. Unfortunately these offices are so busy and often neglect to take care of patients properly. You need to be your own advocate and keep pushing for your appropriate care.
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Always be polite:-) but sometimes you have to be persitant
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Hi Brenden,

I had the same issue when waiting for a colonoscopy/endoscopy. I ended up calling the hospital myself and scheduling an appointment on the phone. We like to think that medical staff is professional and dependable, unfortunately that is not always the case. You need to be your own health advocate. Phone, phone, phone until you get what you need.
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Yes, agree with all above... keep calling, stay pleasant but keep calling. Say 'if it's easier for you, I'm happy to call and set up the apptmt myself.' If they'll give you the number, just call yourself and make the apptmt. If they won't give you the number, then just keep calling and tell them you need to give sufficient notice at work for the apptmt or you need to schedule exams/presentations/etc. so you need the date asap. And, if you still don't get the apptmt, start calling and telling them how sick you are!

It's wrong and frustrating that you need to be this persistent when it's their job but...
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Here's a great example.. Dr wants blood tests
Done. But forgot to write the order,wrote the wrong
Orders... Who the hell knows ! Fast froward
Two weeks.. I call every day leave a very pleasant
Message:-) today finally get a call back from the nurse
Just send the order .. Or I'll call tomorrow!!
Finally ordered:-/ ugh.. It's so hard but you
Have to stay on them. Even if it means calling
Every day.. Just a polite reminder to do your job!!
Hang in there..

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