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Cimzia working better than Humira

I just finished my final loading dose. The shots hurt way less than Humira, but I do get a drunk feeling for a short period of time. I've felt great so far. Hopefully I won't run into the same numbing/tingling issues that I had from Humira. The Cimzia forum is quiet , I just wanted to get some positive feedback out there. I will update it in a month or so for the readers. Keep your head up!


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That's great! I hope that your progress continues. One of the things I liked about Cimzia was that it was almost painless if I did the injections slow enough. Quite different from Humira, because those suckers killed.
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Glad to hear its working well for you. I have been on it for 6 months now and it has improved things for me but still having a few issues.
Hope it continues to work for you x
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Glad to hear it's working out for you and hope it continues to do so. It is a quiet forum because Cimzia is not prescribed as often as the big wigs Humira and Remicade. It's also not approved for crohn's as widely as the others but I think it's growing in popularity.

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