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A fistula named Verg

I have decided to name my ever growing fistula since it seems to have a life of it's own. I am calling it (him? her?) "Vergil" or "Verg" since it started at my "anal verge", has traveled into and out of my vagina (how does Verg do that, is he/she/it, actually a mole or something?) and was recently caught on MRI film invading the area of my urinary tract.

A portion of the report from the Radiologist:

There is a perianal/rectovaginal fistula with a tract roughly 2.5 cm in length from the 12:00 position (series 8, image 145) about 2.5 cm from the anal verge and extending anteriorly. It courses through the posterior vaginal wall and extends to the anterior wall of the vagina. It also appears to further extend to the posterior wall of the distal urethral meatus, though it is difficult to determine whether it actually involves the wall or terminates just posterior to the meatus within the perineum (series 8, image 140).

However, it is difficult to determine whether it terminates just inferior to the meatus or actually involves the posterior aspect of the inferior-most urethra." Really? Please note that my symptoms, which include air, mucous and fecal matter or undigested food particles, coming from my urethra, caused my initial suspicion of a fistula traveling to the UT. I believe that would indicate that this has indeed gone into the urethra. But then I am just the patient.

I have questions regarding this development as stated below.

1) what is the risk from this?
2) what symptoms should I be alert for that might indicate a serious complication?
3) I believe that I have seen blood tinting my urine and it has a strong odor. Would it make sense to use at-home testing ?

Any advice about Verg?
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Hi Sunione ( and Verg, who is sounding very complex indeed ). I had a bladder fistula I called Freddie Krueger. He bit the dust last September. I guess the biggest danger from the UT aspect of the fistula is severe and constant bladder infections, which is what happened to me. These in turn could cause issue with the kidneys.
I see you are on Remicade. How long have you been on it?
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Helen x
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Hi Helen

Thank you for your reply. I have been on REMICADE since Dec 26 2012.
Would you agree that having a fistula into the bladder would be potentially more serious than into the urethra? How did Freddie Kruger bite the dust? Did you have surgery and if so I would be grateful to know what was the name of the surgery?

At present I am not happy with the answers I am getting from my GI about "Verg". I feel that he is not taking the time needed to give thorough answers to my questions, which go thru an online messaging system. It has been a long time since I felt dismissed because of my gender but?

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OOPS. I now see the name of your surgery in your signature.

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