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Why labs not show problems?

I just need to get a frustration out. How come I can be in terrible pain, have up to four bms a day, have no energy and all the blood work shows is anemic. I just don't understand that. Even after all these years of having this disease, it's so depressing to suffer every day and the nurse calls you and says everything is great with your results. When that happened today I just wanted to scream but instead I thanked her for her call, hung up, and let the tears flow. If they say the same thing after the scope next week I really don't think I can handle that. I just want the pain to stop.

Sorry for the downer post but thanks to all for the existence of this forum.
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My son's inflammatory markers in blood work do not show the severity of his active disease. Anemia should tell them all isn't completely well. We rely on fecal calprotectin stool test(shows inflammation in GI tract only). It has been a good indicator for him since we have a baseline that correlates with a colonoscopy and MRE done during the same time.

Normal range for fecal calprotectin is "less than 50" at his highest my son's level was 1700 although his blood work(inflammatory markers) weren't raised.

I hope your scope goes well and you get some answers and it might be a good idea to request a fecal calprotectin near scope time to see if correlate. Then, in the future when blood work doesn't seem to match symptoms you may also have the fc test to fall back on as well.
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Lab results will show only what is tested for. It could be that your medical team has not requested the right tests to show what's wrong with you.

But you do say that you're anemic. . . it's not unusual with Crohn's at all to have iron deficiency. You should ask your doctor to put you on iron supplements right away. 1. They may help you with the fatigue if some of your fatigue is coming from anemia, and 2. they often cause constipation, so they may help you with your bathroom frequency, as well.

Good luck!
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Thanks for advice. I am on iron supplements for the anemia. I will ask about the fecal test. Much appreciated.
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I don't know about Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis, but with either type of microscopic colitis (lymphocitic and collagenous), the only way to find out you have it is for multiple biopsies from different parts of the GI tract to be done during a colonscopy. I don't know if you've had one, but many GI doctors do not take biopsies during the colonoscopy unless they see something during the colonoscopy, but microscopic colitis can only be seen under a microscope and not with a colonoscope. You could mention this to your doctor, or depending on how assertive you are comfortable being, you could say you want to have a colonoscopy and have the doctor do the necessary biopsies to see if you have microscopic colitis. I hope this is helpful. I'm sorry you're suffering so. Keep us posted.
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My labs showed everything being fine until the Prometheus IBD sgi test was drawn, and that was positive for Crohn's but not enough to diagnose me with anything. The colonoscopy was still the only definitive thing, and unfortunately a lot of the time, bloodwork can't show everything. I know how frustrating it is; I was going to the bathroom up to 30 times a day and just had to keep waiting until my colonoscopy.

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