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I just needed to vent(sorry it's so long)

Ok so I I'm not going back to work till January, but I went back last week just to check the caravan and pick up a few things. When I got there I was told that one girl had quit another girl had hurts her ankle so couldn't work they are struggling with staff I was like great , but thing that has annoyed me I when I went into the caravan it was an absolute state I was shocked most of my stuff was everywhere, the TV was on the floor, the sink was stacked full of dishes that were all stuck together, someone had been sleeping in MY ROOM IN MY BED!! , my room was a state because whoever slept in my bed put everything of mine on the floor!! .

The smell was soooooo bad I nearly made me puke the bathroom was also really horrible. I looked at the state of everything and I just said "clearly my "roommate" cannot clear up after herself or even bother to make any effort to keep the caravan tidy". When I left to have the operation on my elbow and try to recover from this flare 6 weeks ago I left the caravan a hell of a lot tidier than they she left it.

Even worse is people are spreading rumours around about me, I'm being blamed for the state of the caravan . In the end I just said "don't you dare blame for the state that the caravan is in, stop spreading rumours around about and if you want me to come back to work then tidy the caravan up because I am not coming back to a caravan in that state!!!!" and also they are expecting to show people around in the hope that they can get someone else in as one girl has quit. Also they thought I was going to clean the caravan I was like HA yeah right!! if you want it tidied THEN YOU CAN CLEAN IT UP!!

I just couldn't believe it I go away for 6 weeks then I come back to check and collect some things only to find someone has left it to end up in such a state, well I definitely told them I'M NOT GOING TO BE THE ONE WHO CLEANS THAT MESS UP!!

Once more I'm struggling enough to try and get things under control and I don't need to be cleaning up mess that I didn't even make

I'm also struggling to some work for my boss and she wants to finished at least 2 weeks before Christmas which isn't very far away and I don't think I can do it No one understands when I tell them I'm going to need more time only because this flare is making me physically and mentally drained all the time, I just wish I can run and hide in a hole in the hope everything just gets better

I needed to vent Sorry it's so long


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