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Humira and Breastfeeding?

Hi ladies,

Is anyone on Humira and breastfeeding?
I'm starting Humira soon for my out of control psoriasis and I'm quite worried about how much of this drug will pass through my breastmilk to my 4 month old son. My GI says it is ok to nurse while on Humira. I am still feeling very weary.. Any personal experience or advice would be appreciated
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I cannot answer this one - but I hope you get the answers you require. But I do not see anything about breastfeeding on humira being an issue on a google search.
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While attending an open question info session on treatments about 18 months ago, someone asked this question. The GI on the panel had conducted an experiment with the help of one of his patients...she was breastfeeding while on Humira and agreed to have her milk and her babies blood tested for traces of the drug. They did not find any traces of the Humira in her breastmilk or in her babys blood samples. I realize that this is only one isolated case, so ask your doctor...I will contact the group that hosted the event to find out the name of the doctor...I think it was Dr. Marcus from Mt. Sinai hospital but I might be mistaken.

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