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I want to come off meds!

Hello everyone! i am new to the forum and i just wanted to tell you a little bit about me, i have had crohns for about 2.5 years, it was awful at first but now I am doing pretty dang good! i have been on asocal, humira, and imuran. my husband i am are trying to have a baby and my doc told me that i could take all the meds up until 30 weeks. we are both kind of worried about being on the imuran, have any of you had any children with birth defects or any issues while being on this drug? any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
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Hello HaileyJ2010,

I was on Imuran about 15 years ago, so obviously information can have changed considerably in that time but when I was on it, my Doctor told me if I ever wanted to get pregnant then they would need to re-evaluate my drug regimen and most likely take my off of it. Maybe the doctor is weighing the potential of you having another flare up vs the risk of being on Imuran?

Sorry I don't really know much and am not really any help. :s
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No personal experience. Drugs are rated for safety during pregnancy. According to, humira is pregnancy category B, imuran category D and Asacol category C. Sometimes people meet with their gyn or a high risk ob/gyn prior to conceiving to discuss risks and what meds would be ok. I'd ask the GI if there is safety data supporting the use of imuran up to 30 weeks. I'd be happy to post the detailed explanations and info for each med (during pregnancy) if you'd like.
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Hi Hailey - Have you considered increasing your intake of Vitamin D? Virtually all Crohns patients are deficient in Vitamin D. What is your level of Vitamin D? My daughter had all of the same symptoms as you for years (she was diagnosed at age 15) and her bleeding and uncontrollable stools (accidents were so common she started wearing diapers to college) were controlled when she started taking 5,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 and 400 MCGs of Folic Acid everyday. She enjoyed positive results after taking these supplements for a little more than a week. Check out the Vitamin D Council at and the StarPower site at for more info.

She took 6MP, Remicade and other meds throughout the years, but some only helped for a short time and others didn't help at all. Natural supplements can work as well, or better, than traditional medication without the terrible side affects & risks. Look into Vitamin D and give it some thought.

Take care.

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