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Started LDN last night!! Dazed and Confused

Guys I started LDN last night after my GP (also high school friend) called in my script. I was excited to get started. I took my pill at 11:15 and went to bed. I did not sleep and just tossed all night. I hope it was due to me being wired. However, today I feel off. I am at my office trying to work on clients' cases but I am so tired. I could go home and sleep for hours. so tired. I know the pharmacist did a good job on the pills (4.5mg) as I was very specific and he had experience with LDN. Is this normal and can I expect it to pass? I understand I may be tired because of lack of sleep but I have had turbulent nights before without much sleep and did not feel this out of it.

I plan on posting my progress on here but if the sleepy issues continue for more than a week I may have to quit until after some work related events are behind me. I hope some of you have experience with this and can tell me that it will pass. Thanks.
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It'll pass. I think how long varies from person to person, but I remember sleeping fine within a few days, personally. Other people here have reported vivid dreams for longer periods of time.
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JDTM thanks for info. My second day has been much better. I took pill again last night at 11:00 and slept better but not great. No dreams yet. Today I do not feel as wiped out. Man I hope this works. I only have disease in rectal/anal area so I hope LDN addresses crohns everywhere. I have read that perianal crohns is usually the last thing to clear or the hardest to treat. I wonder if the clinical trials had patients with disease in my area or not? Anyway, just been on this for 2 days and do not expect to see results for a few weeks. I actually have a scope scheduled for mid February to see if the steroid enema and suppositories have healed the mucosa any. I am currently having no symptoms to speak of so hopefully they are doing the trick. I feel like 10 weeks out may be enough time for their to be some healing on LDN since the clinical trials were 12 weeks. I will continue to post my progress.
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Hey There,
I started about two months ago. I had A LOT of trouble sleeping for the fist 5 days. I was a mess with no sleep. I started using Valerian Root on day 3 and it seemed to help (it may have been the root or just my body getting adjusted). After about 10-12 days I was pretty much back to normal and stopped the Valerian.

I have yet to see any outward improvement but I've seem a lot of anecdotes about it taking 3,6,12 months to see full effect. I plan to stick with it regardless. I figure it can only help. I wish you the best of luck tincup, and speedy results
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Thanks for the reply. I have gotten over my sleep issues and seem to feel normal again. Thats great you have 5 months behind you. I wish you were telling me it has made a difference. I only have about 10 weeks before a scheduled sigmoidoscopy and was hoping there would be some improvement by then. Keep me posted on your progress.

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