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Cutting seton, recovery time and heavy lifting?


I'll just get straight to the point. I don't have Crohn's. I went through numerous tests to R/O Crohn's and IBD and, it had to be R/O before my Doc would work on my fistula.

I went into day surgery 2 days ago not knowing which procedure I was going to have. My Doc was pretty positive that he'd be doing a fistulaotomy (so i did my research on fistulaotomy's) instead I woke after surgery to find out he couldn't do that procedure. He had placed a cutting seton through the fistula.

I was out of it pretty much when the Doc visited me in recovery. So, I didn't ask the questions I needed to. I just remember him telling me the fistula was too close to the sphincter muscle and had to go with the cutting seton.

My biggest concern about having a cutting seton, is my job. I work a pretty hard labor intensive job and and getting in and out of truck numerous times (probably upwards to 50 times in a 8 hr shift). I was concerned that there could be some premature cutting; do to the heavy lifting at work and getting in and out of the vehicles so many times.

What concerns me most is, has anyone had premature cutting do to heavy lifting or getting in and out of a vehicle multiple times?

I have already had a colostomy bag in the past. I have to admit I'm a lot worried that my low paying/no hope of a career job might prematurely rip through my sphincter and have to were a bag for life.

How long should I wait to return to work after tightening?

Also pre-op my Doc said he'd prescribe antibiotics, post-op he decided I wouldn't need them. Should I be taking antibiotics during the healing process of the seton placement?

Thank you in advance, to anyone and everyone that can give me any advice with this

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I have never had a cutting seton, only the loose type. I just wanted to send you healing thoughts. Hope you are doing better.

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