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Crohn's Disease and getting pregnant

I have had Crohn's Disease since I was 11...I just recently got married and am having a very successful life thank goodness! A month before the wedding the doctor did a colonoscopy (I was feeling terrible), MRI, blood tests..yadda yadda.. And everything came back that the Crohns was very active. Mind you I have severe Crohns throughout my entire bowel. I am on Remicade. About a week after all these tests I got my remicade infusion and felt totally fine within a few days after. Now my doctor told me (about 1-2 months ago) that I should not get pregnant if I was thinking about it. Since this point I feel totally fine, almost no stomach pain, no diarrhea, very energized... When do I know it is okay to start "trying"... And I would love to hear from females who have been pregnant with Crohns! Thanks so much
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I would check with your doctor again before making the final decision.

I had a baby last year, I was in remission before trying to conceive, however once I became pregnant I felt better than I had in a long time! I had one day where I felt ill the whole pregnancy. I ate popcorn and everything! My good health continued until a few months ago, just before my baby's first birthday, and now while I don't think I'm in an active flare I'm not feeling as fantastic as I did before (had a few close bathroom calls, that sort of thing).

I continued with my meds (Pentasa and azathioprine) throughout pregnancy and have breastfed while taking them, my daughter seems perfectly healthy and unaffected by the meds.
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